Morgan Strebler: Inside Your Mind

Morgan Strebler: Inside Your Mind

Master Magician and Mentalist Morgan Strebler- the Man Who Bends Steel- has added a special Live Pay-Per-View broadcast of the 7:00 PM Save the Massac Benefit show for those who can’t attend in person.

The live 30-minute event will be streamed on StageIt at 7:00 PM CST on Wednesday, December 31st, 2014 and is available for a minimum donation of $5.00.  All proceeds from the broadcast go to Save the Massac.

To purchase the Pay-Per-View, go to the StageIt Website.

Illusionist and Mentalist Morgan Strebler will be performing in two very special New Year’s Eve Benefit shows to benefit The Massac Theatre. He will be generously donating 100% of the proceeds from tickets sold to the Save the Massac with his show “Inside Your Mind”.  The shows will be at  3 pm and 7 pm on Wednesday, December 31st at the Baymont Theatre in Metropolis, IL.  You can also buy tickets to watch a special 30-minute live simulcast of the 7 PM show through StageIt.

Morgan Strebler: Inside Your Mind

Morgan Strebler: Inside Your Mind

In Inside Your Mind, Morgan Strebler blends psychology, hypnosis, suggestion, and misdirection to create the illusion of a sixth sense. This interactive experience is a two hour event that includes everything from metal bending to mind reading. He knows what you’re thinking!  Find out more about the amazing Morgan Strebler here.

Tickets are $20 each and seating is limited, so be sure to get yours today.  Tickets are available online here at the Save The Massac Website or can be purchased in person at Creations The Florist, 600 Ferry Street, Metropolis, IL.  The special online 30-minute show simulcast will be on Wednesday, 12/31/2014 at 7 PM on the StageIt website. The cost to order the online show is a minimum donation of $5.

Morgan Strebler: Inside Your Mind


Wednesday, December 31st, 2014, 3:00 PM and 7:00 PM

Baymont Theatre- 203 E. Front Street, Metropolis, IL

Tickets: $20

Special pay-per-view 30-minute online simulcast of 7 PM Show available through the StageIt website for a minimum donation of $5

All proceeds from both shows and the online simulcast go to Save The Massac. 

Spend New Year’s Eve with Illusionist and Mentalist Morgan Strebler in a special benefit concert to help Save The Massac Theatre!

In Inside Your Mind, Morgan Strebler blends psychology, hypnosis, suggestion, and misdirection to create the illusion of a sixth sense. This interactive experience is a two hour event that includes everything from metal bending to mind reading. He knows what you’re thinking! Seating is limited, so buy your tickets now!


Purchase tickets online.

Purchase Pay-Per-View show.

Tickets may be purchased in person at Creations the Florist, 600 Ferry Street, Metropolis, IL.


Having grown up in a small town in the Bootheel of Missouri, Morgan has been captivating audiences for over a decade with his commanding stage presence and breathtaking illusions.


Morgan’s entree into the World of Illusion began as a child when his parents gave him a magic set for his birthday. Instantly bitten by the “magic bug”, Morgan began performing for family and friends.


By his early teens, he was a local celebrity, performing close-up and stage magic for birthday parties, corporate events and church functions.

At age 17, Morgan was immersed in the design and construction of his first full-scale illusion show. The show opened with Morgan magically producing a convertible sports car out of thin air!


That first show held greater significance for Morgan than even he anticipated. He was joined with Mikala, who would become his personal and professional partner.

Morgan & Mikala started doing magic shows throughout the Midwest, capturing the attention of numerous television and radio stations. In an astonishing display of wizardry, Morgan & Mikala shocked and amazed the public when they vanished a 20-story municipal power plant that sprawled over two city blocks!


Morgan stretched his creative capabilities even further when he became the youngest magician in the world to catch a live bullet between his teeth. This deadly illusion, which had killed 13 performers in the past, garnered front page newspaper coverage for Morgan, as well as exposure on the CBS Evening News.


Feeling the call of the World Mecca of Magic, Morgan, Mikala and their young son, Caleb, soon called Las Vegas home. Recently, the dynamic magical duo finalized design and completed construction of their revolutionary, multimillion dollar show, which ranks as one of the largest in existence. This extraordinary show will be supported by a professional cast of over twenty dancers and crew.

Last year, Morgan performed internationally during a tour in Seoul, Korea. He enjoyed hundreds of sold out, live shows in the spectacular 2,200 seat SeoulLandtheater before more than a million people. During this Asian tour, Morgan appeared on five (5) television shows, including a widely distributed reality show.


A few months later while performing in Stockholm, Sweden, Morgan also taped a segment on the FISM “World Championships of Magic” television special.


Morgan is also viewed as one of the world’s leading experts and performers in the field of Psychokinetic magic, also known as PK. Using only the power of the mind, PK is the ability to physically alter or affect various objects. For example, Morgan uses this extraordinary “gift” to bend forks, coins, and keys, as well as force items to move without logical explanation.


These special talents have enabled Morgan to become one of the most sought after performers in the world. He has performed exclusive engagements at premier celebrity “hotspots”, such as Pure at Caesar’s Palace, Body English at the Hard Rock, Caramel Lounge at Bellagio, and V Bar at the Venetian.

Morgan has personally entertained a veritable “Who’s Who” list of Hollywood stars and celebrities, such as Tom Hanks, Ben Stiller, Jude Law, Quentin Tarantino, Michael Jordan, Michael Rosenbaum, David Blaine, John Stamos, Paris Hilton, Tara Reid, Vince Neal of Motley Crue, Carson Daly, Jason Biggs, Lisa Marie and Priscilla Presley, R. Kelly, Ice T, and Anna Nicole Smith. Several years ago, Morgan was also the exclusive magician at a party given by Michael Jackson for his father’s birthday at his Neverland Ranch Estate.


Morgan has been on TV in 75 countries, and performed on five continents. He most recently filmed multiple spots on the upcoming TV series Masters of Illusion, hosted by Dean Cain on the CW Network. Currently, Morgan is immersed in pre-production, design, and planning for a future television series and nightly live show.

Visit Morgan’s website!

Massac Theatre

The Massac Theatre

After many, many fundraisers, the Save the Massac not-for-profit group now owns the Theatre!  And now, we are raising money for our first repair- to fix the bricks damaged by water.  We are already hard at work by running bingo games, cooking burgers, and whatever else we can think of to raise the money, but we need your help!

We’ve kicked off a brand new campaign at GoFundMe to raise money for this first repair project, and we are seeking donations.

Go to our GoFundMe Page to make a donation today! You can choose to give once or to set up a monthly donation. Either way, we appreciate your generosity as we work to bring the Theatre back to life.



Marker sketch by Lin Workman


It’s official!  Thanks to the generosity of Larry Ward, the Save the Massac committee is now the proud owner of the Massac Theatre.  Exactly four years to the day from our first meeting as concerned citizens, Larry Ward presented the key to Lisa Gower, President and members of the Save the Massac committee.  “We are forever grateful to Larry for everything he has done,” Gower said.  “Our next step is to start raising funds to fix the water leak and start working on the interior and the marquee.”  Committee Member, Tish Lewis said, “it worked out exactly the way it was meant to”.  Now the real work begins for our group.

Thank you committee members, Massac Theatre supporters, and Larry Ward.

See you at the movies!

The Massac Theater

Construction on our new website is underway!  While you’re waiting, though, please feel free to send your donations to us at the following address:

Save the Massac

C/O Randy Rushing- Treasurer

1101 East 5th Street

Metropolis, IL 62960

Please come back and visit us soon!  We’ll have more information on the site soon!